Design Your Own GratStack®

Super tough, super safe.
Child and teacher friendly, safe, sturdy and easy to use, our click-together GratStack® is extremely versatile with a wide range of colours and possible combinations. You can build your own stacks upwards and sideways with the unique click-together system and even add more if your storage needs to grow.

Thanks to its unique construction and interlocking connectors, GratStack® can be expanded horizontally or vertically to give you more storage space with no mess, and no fuss. Simply click and stack - it's the perfect flexible storage system.

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Design Your Own GratStack, GratStack- Beige
Width 354mm Depth 430mm

Design Your Own GratStack® is priced per ‘slice’. Simply work out your slice combinations and how many tops you will need to design your customised GratStack® storage units.

There are 2 different ‘slices’ - the F1 Shallow Tray Slice and the F2 Deep Tray Slice. Both slices contain a tray, stackers and a base. You can simply stack each slice to create your tray combination requirments. Once you have chosen your combination pick a top per column and either feet or castors.

  • Work out how many slices you need
  • Work out how many tops you need
  • Six frame colours to choose from
  • Pick from 30 tray colours available
  • Choose non-slip feet, black castors or bear castors

Remember you can stack across as well as upwards to make the most of your available space.

Width 354mm Depth 430mm
Design Your Own GratStack® available in the following colours.
Click on a colour swatch to view image.
We've made every effort to make the colours on screen as close as possible to the ones you'll use.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match
Photographs and paint swatch colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.
GratStack- Beige
Flame Red
Royal Blue
Dove Grey
Jet Black


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