Functional and fun - HappyStack® comes in double or treble height units with deep trays and is ideal for storing toys, games and educational materials.

Tough, durable and brightly coloured, HappyStack® has been specially designed for nursery and primary schools. It’s easy to assemble, tough enough for daily school use and still looks good enough to make tidying up fun at the end of a busy day. And now there's a whole range to choose from.

So whether it's the HappyStack® Treble or our brand new HappyStack® Eco, you'll find one that's just right for your classroom.

HappyStack® Treble
HappyStack® Treble More Info
HappyStack® Double
HappyStack® Double More Info
HappyStack® Single
HappyStack® Single More Info
HappyStack® Mini
HappyStack® Mini More Info
HappyStack® Eco
HappyStack® Eco More Info
HappyStack® Organiser
HappyStack® Organiser More Info
HappyStack® Extra
HappyStack® Extra More Info


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