02.02.18 Gratnells Rover gets put to the test

The latest addition to the Gratnells ever growing product portfolio, the Rover all-terrain trolley, has been put through its paces after being placed with the Vale of Aylesbury Athletics Club (VoAAC) for them to trial.

Established in1893, VoAAC is based and train at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire – a venue known as the ‘home of wheelchair sport’ and the ‘birthplace of the Paralympic Games’. The Club is run entirely by volunteers, with around 400 members ranging in age from 8 years old to Seniors, including qualified, experienced coaches. Training takes place at the track two nights a week, year-round, with the younger athletes moving indoors into the sports hall during the winter months.

The Rover Trolley was used between training groups with multiple equipment requirements, across a large venue, predominantly by the Club’s ‘Kestrels’ Young Athletes Group (8-10 years old) and the ‘Development’ Group (11-13 years old), who normally transfer a multitude of various small equipment from the Club’s hut out to the track and field arena.

Having previously carried or dragged various sized boxes across to their training area, the Club found that using the Rover trolley, equipment could be loaded into the trolley’s trays by the coach, ready for that evening’s training requirements and easily wheeled out by an athlete or coach. It also proved ideal for transferring heavy shot puts, hammers and discus out to the throwing circles. Where previously individual athletes had to pick their shot put from those in store and carry it out to the throwing circle, using the Rover they could transfer several in one go.

The Club also found the trolley an ideal vehicle to ensure that the first aid kit and accident book were clearly visible and accessible trackside. Using the top tray to carry both out to track, the tray could then be left in a pre-arranged place where it was easily accessible to coaches and first aiders.

The Rover Trolley was assessed over specific criteria, including Safety, Mobility, Functionality and Ease of Use, receiving excellent feedback from coaches in terms of safety, mobility, functionality and ease of use.  Comments included

“The Rover trolley was extremely stable whether unloaded and unattended, partially loaded or fully loaded. Even in transit the stability was excellent”.

“The trolley coped really well with all surfaces, it was easy to handle and manoeuvre and was used with ease by all. It also coped well when having to navigate over the raised track rail the runs around the track, being easy to pull over it and without any danger of losing its load.”

“The Rover trolley does, without question, what it has been designed to do. It gets a lot of use track side and copes with regular and robust use very well. “

“It’s perfect – easy to load, easy to adjust, easy to move and easy to unload.”


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