02.08.17 New Gratnells Rover on trial!

The latest addition to the Gratnells ever-growing product portfolio is the Gratnells Rover. Tough yet practical, the Rover has been designed to carry heavy loads across challenging terrain, from classroom to school hall, playground to sports field. Compatible with all Gratnells tray sizes in a variety of combinations, the Rover is the perfect aid for helping teachers and students around the school.

Gratnells is always keen to obtain customer feedback, especially when it comes to its latest launches so in  June and July this year Gratnells placed two Rover trolleys into Purford Green Primary school. Purford Green is situated in the same town as Gratnells headquarters, Harlow in Essex and has over 210 students that attend daily, ranging from ages four to 11.

The Challenge:

To share the two Rover trolleys across departments, putting them to the test of daily school life. Heavy loads and light loads, student, teacher, inside or out.

The teachers were asked to rate their experience based on safety, mobility, functionality and ease of use.

Here is how they got on

The overall feedback from the school regarding the Rover trolleys was very positive. Luke Hammond, Head of PE at Purford Green School, said; ‘The Rovers were great and made the setting up of outdoor PE lessons much easier. The students were able to get involved with not only the lesson itself but the setting up and tiding away. They proved very popular with the children, we even had to get a rota drawn up to prevent squabbles!’

With the summer holidays approaching, we knew that the school’s Sports Day was just around the corner and with over 210 pupils attending Purford Green Primary, we knew that their Sports Day was going to be a big event that required a lot of planning and extra hands, perfect timing for the Rover trial.

The feedback from the product trial revealed that both Rover Trolleys were in fact used throughout their Sports Day, with the main use being transportation of water bottles. Mr Hammond, said; ‘ The children normally load their water bottles into a large crate in the classroom and then two students, sometimes three, carry them out to the field. The Rover made this process much easier and only required one child. We just filled the trays with the bottles and wheeled them out onto the field. This was much easier for the children.’

He continued…

‘Even once Sports Day was over, the Rover enabled the bottles to be taken back to the classroom for washing, with no fuss.’



Mr Hammond also told us that the Rover Trolleys encouraged him to be more organised personally

“I have organised my lessons into Gratnells trays and all I have to do is get a tray and slide it into the Rover”

The two Gratnells Rover Trolleys were also used for transporting books for marking and arts and crafts materials. One student said to a member of the Gratnells Marketing Team; ‘These trolleys are brilliant, we can put anything in them!’

In summary of the 6 week product trail with Purford Green Primary School, the Gratnells Rovers proved to be a highly useful piece of school equipment and made the lives of the teachers and students much easier.

Teaching assistant, Mrs Byham, said; ‘I wish we could have one for every classroom. It is very important to stay organised in the classroom as there is always something to move big or small.’ She continued…

‘The Rover enabled staff to give students responsibilities, as they love being able to help, promoting independence.’

 We would like to thank Purford Green School for taking part in the Gratnells Rover trial and extend our appreciation to all staff that gave us such valuable feedback. All feedback obtained from the trial will be used constructively in future product development.



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