15.02.17 New Water Bath in a Gratnells Tray

One of the largest manufacturers of scientific apparatus for education in the UK is using Gratnells trays for one of its popular products.

Irwin Science Education based in Braintree, Essex, carried out a case study to see how they could develop a water bath specifically for schools at lower costs than the traditional, expensive version which was designed for the catering and medical sectors.


They chose Gratnells, aware of the company’s reputation established over 40 years  in the education sector as a provider of durable, flexible and vibrant trays to more than 20,000 schools in the UK.  The unique design of the Gratnells trays which fit into existing school furniture, offer resistance to high temperatures and have a much larger capacity (8 litres vs 2 litres), than the traditional water bath (with more space for equipment) were also key factors in ISC’s decision.

Irwin Science Education has developed a bespoke silicon heat pad which fits into the tray, providing even heat distribution and can be taken out, scrubbed and reused.  The water bath will be available both through its distribution network and online.


Frank Campbell, International Director at Irwin Science Education, commented “The Gratnells tray has become a ubiquitous part of the learning environment. The company’s reputation to deliver a product that is long-lasting means schools can use the water bath, wash and store the equipment in the tray, within the existing school furniture. We are working with Ministers for Education around the globe, offering to develop Science strategies within schools including advice, teacher training and supply of equipment.  This means that the water bath may be found in thousands of education establishments across the world and the Gratnells tray will play a major role in this initiative.”


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