10.05.17 The many uses of the Gratnells Rover

The Gratnells Rover is our all-terrain trolley that allows you high flexibility when it comes to moving things around. We have recently explored a variety different things that you can do with the Rover in our latest photo shoot.



With sports day coming up the Rover can make the day much easier for you when it comes to moving things around and heading out to the field to get ready for the day of activity. With hard to carry sports equipment and heavy water bottles the Gratnells Rover makes it easy to carry everything you need almost effortlessly and will cross any terrain with ease.


If you are a subject teacher moving your class outside for the day to make the most of the summer weather or even if you just need to transport books from one classroom to another make sure to keep your Rover handy and save yourself lugging heavy books around, make the moving as easy as possible. 

If you are a Science Teacher or a Science Technician the Gratnells Rover will allow you to set up anything anywhere, if you are pond dipping or just heading to a different area of your school the Rover makes all transportation of any kind of equipment safe and easy.



The Rover comes with any combination of size and colour trays that you like to carry anything that you need to get from A to B. From five shallow trays to three extra deep, or even a smartcase and other trays - you can choose the combination that suits you best whether you are carrying sports equipment, fruit, books or science equipment.

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