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Download Special Reports on Prep Room and Science Lab Design in Secondary Schools

Why you need these reports

In the last few years, the role of science teaching in secondary schools has been a focus of attention for both government and leading science bodies.

The Roberts Review of 2002 found that ‘suitable science laboratories and equipment are vital to pupils’ science education, not only directly (meeting curriculum need) but also indirectly by interesting them and enthusing them to study these subjects further.’

Since then, many new initiatives have been introduced to address the way science teaching spaces are designed. For example, the Building Schools for the Future rebuilding/remodelling scheme opened the doors for architects to address the needs of science labs in the 21st century, while Project Faraday, launched in 2006, pioneered some highly creative designs for secondary school science facilities which support more interactive and exciting ways of teaching and learning, especially in the use of ICT.


In 2004, in a report by The Royal Society of Chemistry, it was stated that 21% of Prep Rooms were described as poor, with 43% at only a basic level. Subsequently designed schools have done little to change these percentages.

But many architects have been commissioned to design and specify science Prep Rooms and Science Laboratories to meet these new and exciting initiatives with little or no experience in what is a very specialised area. As a result, significant and costly mistakes have been made, resulting not only in hundreds of thousands of pounds of inadequate designs (particularly in Prep Room storage areas) but also posing some serious risks to health and safety.

At Gratnells we have the experience and expertise to help you design and specify the perfect Prep Room and Science Lab. And so we should. We've been supplying science storage system to schools worldwide for over thirty years. What’s more, we’ve designed complete storage areas for numerous schools throughout the UK.

If you're involved in designing, planning or specifying school science Prep Rooms or Science Labs, download our FREE special reports on Prep Room design, Science Lab design and Chemicals Store design today. They could save you tons of trouble...and help you design the perfect science area for any Secondary School or Academy.

Download the FREE Gratnells Special Report on Prep Room Design

Download the FREE Gratnells Special Report on Science Lab Design

Download the FREE Gratnells Special Report in Chemicals Storage

Even more help

You can also download our FREE GratCAD sofware, which contains 2D and 3D modelling for AutoCAD*, Autodesk 3ds Max* and most other ACIS*-based modelling programs.

Of course, we'd be more than happy to provide whatever help you need to design the best Prep Room or Science Lab. If you'd like to know more, then call us on 01279 401550.

*AutoCAD and Autodesk 3ds Max are the registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.
*ACIS is a registered trademark of Spatial Corporation.

Tight for space in your Prep Room plan? Then use Gratnells Roller Storage

When floor space is restricted and static storage systems cannot be considered, Gratnells Roller Storage is the ideal solution.

Roller-based storage offers a flexible,mobile answer to high density storage requirements. The Gratnells range comprises high quality units from leading manufacturers, each one fitted with the Gratnells patented tray and runner system, accommodating all four depths of Gratnells storage trays.

Download a copy of our Roller Storage leaflet by clicking the following download link, or from the Downloads box above.

Gratnells Roller Storage leaflet






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