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Designing or improving school science storage? Let Gratnells show you how.


Unlike days gone by when Local Authority architects departments were responsible for planning and specifying school science Prep Room and Science Lab design, that function has now been assigned to planners, specifiers and very often facilities managers too.

The problem is, school science areas are a very specialised area. And if you don't have the right information to hand, you could find yourself having to deal with a number of storage, management and health and safety issues that arise from poor planning.

It is estimated that 21% of all current school science Prep Rooms are of poor standards and 43% only reach basic level. And the standards are not getting any better.

For example, at the end of last year, a new Academy was completed at a cost of £23 million pounds and equipped with £210,000 of new science equipment. However, due to inexperience, no thought had been given to science storage with the result that boxes and shelves were installed that were totally unsuitable for a science Prep Room. The result was an absolute disarray, disruption and disorder. The equipment suppliers and technicians contacted Gratnells in an attempt to rectify the situation, and although Gratnells were able to remedy some of the major prep-room storage errors, it is likely that the Academy will be blighted with poor science storage throughout its future.

Our mission is to educate, inform and even partner with the decision-makers like yourselves who are likely to plan, specify and be involved with school science Prep Rooms, so that preventative measures can be taken before a school science project gets underway, helping to steer the building of Prep Rooms towards successful completion.

How we can help

1. Gratnells 3D Planner

Our new 3D Planner software will help you design the perfect school science storage space. It's free, easy to use and contains our complete science storage range from frames and trolleys to trays and tray inserts for you to choose from, all in 3D so you can see exactly how your storage area will look. And with software using the intuitive drag-and-drop method, you’ll be able to create your design in minutes. To run 3D Planner, simply run our software from the 3D Planner panel to the left, or launch the 3D Planner.

2. GratCad files

If you are involved in drawing plans for school science storage areas, then our GratCad files are a must. GratCad contains 2D and 3D modelling for AutoCAD*,Autodesk 3ds Max* and most other ACIS*-based modelling programs.(For more downloads relevant to architects, includind a Prep Room Design special report, please visit our Architects section.)

3.One-to-one assistance

e offer a full consultancy service to help you specify and plan the perfect school science Prep Room, Lab or storage area. We can help you design the appropriate storage layout, including full floor plans, and advise on storage equipment including frames, trolleys and roller storage. For more information, contact Tony on 0800 169 6854 and he'll be happy to help you.


What would the ideal Prep Room look like?

We recently created this 3D drawing of the optimal layour for a 40m2 prep room which would serve four science labs in a school. This arrangement of frames and trolleys would be ideal for this sized room.  To create your own ideal layout for a different room just use or more of the resources above.


*AutoCAD and Autodesk 3ds Max are the registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.
*ACIS is a registered trademark of Spatial Corporation.


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