Callero Plus Trolleys for STEAM Learning

Callero Plus Trolleys for STEAM Learning

In STEAM subjects, investigation and experimentation are an important part of learning, building confidence and inquisitiveness. Practical experience is already proven to have greater learning outcomes and better retention amongst students than structured teaching and lecture models, bringing the theoretical to life.

Activities on the STEAM spectrum offer a broad range of opportunities for the widest range of students, with all benefiting from the opportunity to explore new activities and express their manual dexterity at many different levels of competence. Activities are particularly beneficial for those choosing a more practical career path and support a move into apprenticeships, as well as supporting higher level research and development and highly academic and technical careers. These can be typified by a range of activities and skill sets from the practical and construction based, to the academic and theoretical, suiting a mix of students. Students get to work in a mixed skill group, each providing a positive contribution and activities can be stretched and developed to reach greater heights, pushing the students to explore new limits.

Teaching and learning through STEAM activities can take many formats, but all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors, and expertise. Activities can be personalised to any project that involves group collaboration - from coding and robotics to woodworking and art projects to science and engineering experiments. Highlighting how STEAM is becoming more popular, a recent Maker Faire event in Kuwait attracted 35,000 visitors. It presented STEAM subjects and skills to thousands of children in a way they actually enjoy and can enthuse and evangelise about.

Now firmly established as the storage system of choice for many school science labs and preprooms, our Callero Plus range of trolleys is fast becoming an essential feature in STEAM teaching and learning. Working as an integrated storage system, Callero Plus provides flexibility, functionality and security for the storage of intricate and often valuable components in STEAM and STEM clubs and makerspaces.

In the school environment we believe the goal of a maker space or STEAM club is to empower students to see themselves as inventors, builders and creators, allowing for the learning of new skills through trial and error by experiencing failure, exploring alternatives and problem-solving to improve on ideas and most importantly by promoting collaborative learning.

Callero Plus trolleys provide a focal point for collaborative working and also a resource centre for the management and control, as well as storage, of technical resources. They allow practical activities to be carried out anywhere, even in regular classrooms, and are not confined to specialist technology workshops.

The range is sold across five continents around the world and is popular as a robust and flexible storage system that integrates easily with fixed storage and any classroom environment. Ergonomic shapes and thoughtful safety features ensure easy integration into the teaching space whilst large lockable castors provide for ease of movement across many surfaces and secure positioning in the workspace. Adjustable runners allow for different tray combinations to be combined within each unit depending on the needs of different component sizes.

Different tray sizes and inserts can accommodate a variety of intricate parts for safe storage with easy access. In collaborative working environments, this promotes self-selction of parts and components and a sense of order. It aids in promoting a tidy working environment and by using different tray sizes, part completed projects can be safely stored until the next session. Tray colours can be varied to suit the topics and resources being stored or the mood and ambiance of the classroom.

In 2017, Gratnells became an official supplier for the F1 in Schools Challenge whose main objective is to help change the perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula One, science, marketing and technology. During the challenge, student teams from around the globe work on the production of their racing car models in STEM sessions before racing them in regional, national and international finals where they use Gratnells Callero Plus trolleys, trays and inserts for their parc fermé. It’s considered the best system for storage and control of these valuable projects.

At the September 2018 edition of the Worlddidac show in Switzerland, leading STEAM education solution provider, Makeblock, presented their robotic kits and curriculum resources housed in Gratnells trays within Callero Plus trolleys to great effect.

According to Anthony Byrne, Product Manager at Gratnells, “The success of Callero Plus is down to the fact it’s been cleverly designed with schools in mind and this shows as it is consistently being chosen as the complete storage system of choice in STEAM education”.

In 2019, and riding on the success of our award winning MakerSpace trolley we will be introducing dedicated Callero Plus compact STEAM trolleys to the market, showing our long term commitment to investing in STEAM education.


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