Gratnells launches SortED tray inserts with antimicrobial technology

Gratnells SortED is a range of high quality inserts designed to fit in shallow and deep Gratnells trays. Available to order from 1st July 2020, SortED inserts come in charcoal grey or a brightly coloured set that includes antimicrobial technology. SortED inserts can create up to 8 sections in a shallow tray and 16 sections in a deep tray, over two levels. Small and medium inserts hold a myriad of small parts. The large insert can be used to hold the smaller inserts or longer components in the top of the tray. The SortED large insert is easily lifted out of the tray thanks to the useful finger and thumb section and the whole range can easily be stored in most Gratnells compatible classroom furniture. Their shape makes for easy deployment of resources which can help to reduce set-up and take-down time.

SortED inserts are useful in early years settings where they can help children to investigate, select and sort more easily into the different sized inserts by colour, size and shape and are perfect as a maths manipulative. The bright colours in the SortED range lend themselves to early years environments and STEAM activities whilst the charcoal colour inserts are perfect for secondary STEM or D&T classes. Being made from strong and easy to clean polypropylene, they are also ideal for outdoor learning activities. Importantly, the bright colours have the added benefit of an antimicrobial additive to reduce surface contamination between usual cleaning routines. This additive from BioCote® is effective for the lifetime of the product. It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral and provides another layer of protection where the sharing of resources is difficult to control.



SortED inserts are available in the following colour options:

Large, 2 section insert: Plum purple and Charcoal grey

Medium insert: Cyan blue and Charcoal grey

Small insert: Jolly lime and Charcoal grey



Available to order from 1st July 2020 in two pack options, SortED retail packs, containing 52 pieces, are excellent value for money at just £30 + VAT. Each pack contains 4 large, 16 medium and 32 small SortED inserts. That’s enough to fill four deep trays with a double layer of inserts.

SERETAIL01 – Four large plum purple, 16 medium cyan blue and 32 small jolly lime inserts.

SERETAIL02 – Four large charcoal grey, 16 medium charcoal grey and 32 small charcoal grey inserts.

Code: SERETAIL01 - £30.00 + VAT

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