Gratnells launches suite of maker inspired trolleys

Gratnells launches suite of maker inspired trolleys

Gratnells has been the leading manufacturer of Britain’s best known and most widely used school storage for over 40 years. Offering a wide range of storage solutions from trays to moveable units and trolleys, we are committed to improving the classroom environment with innovative design and durable products.

We know that school is a significant developmental stepping stone in a child’s life and we recognise the impact and importance of the physical space around a child’s learning. With that in mind we are always working to develop new ideas in the application of classroom design, digital technology, outdoor learning and STEM / STEAM learning.

Makerspaces are increasingly popular in schools across the UK and worldwide. A makerspace provides creative, hands-on ways to encourage students to collaborate, invent, design and build during their STEAM activities. Gratnells has launched a suite of maker inspired trolleys to aid the learning of STEAM in schools.

Gratnells MakerSpace Trolley

The Gratnells Callero MakerSpace Trolley serves as a central focus for collaborative working, making it a reliable resource centre for all types of project work in STEM/STEAM education. It is configured with a variety of storage tray and insert options whilst storage bins, pegs and tool holders can be fixed to the backboard and side panels in many arrangements.

The trolley also features a robust steel frame and large lockable castors. Easy cable management means electrical items, like Gratnells PowerTray, can be conveniently used on the work surface whilst Callero Rover makes the ideal companion trolley.

Gratnells MakerHub

The Gratnells MakerHub is designed to be a multi-functional resource trolley that promotes collaborative working in STEAM activities in the classroom.

A variety of Gratnells trays can be used in the MakerHub thanks to the flexible runner system in the base storage unit. Runners can also be fitted to allow for trays to be used on both sides of the trolley and there is even space on the recessed top for two Gratnells cubby trays.

The MakerHub is double sided making it ideal for group activities and the industry standard boards (600 x 900mm) are instantly interchangeable – simply lift up and draw down to remove. Change between magnetic whiteboards, chalkboards and pin boards to suit your classroom activities. For added security, all standard boards are held safely in place between steel guides at the top of the frame and special stoppers on the recessed shelf. The MakerHub trolley can be secured in place with the two lockable castors.

Gratnells Rover

The Gratnells Rover, with its elegant and minimalist design, is easy to use yet designed to operate easily on rough terrain and can even manage heavy loads up and down stairs. The runner system can accommodate a variety of Gratnells trays meeting many storage needs.

Trays are secured into place with a handy strap to ensure no accidents on your journey around school. Special inserts for added protection are available for the trays, as are lids to protect contents while in transit.

The Gratnells Rover is also compatible with the Gratnells PowerTray2.

Gratnells Callero Plus

The Callero Plus range of trolleys is specially designed with STEM and STEAM learning in mind and is suitable for collaborative learning.

There are no sharp edges or corners and the ergonomic handles and 3” castors make manoeuvring the trolleys a breeze. All trolleys are compatible with Gratnells standard F type trays.

The Callero Plus trolleys feature an enclosed metal frame, which reduces the need for cleaning as well as offering enhanced security. StopSafe runners mean that the units are extremely secure and completely child friendly. The runners can be moved to accommodate both shallow and deep trays in one unit. Now available with optional STEM side panels, the Callero Plus trolleys can be accessorised with a variety of bins and pegs in many arrangements.

Available in double and treble width variations, Callero Plus trolleys are supplied in a durable silver colour finish. You can choose from a large selection of tray colours, including; royal blue, grass green and sunshine yellow. The Callero Plus range is versatile, modern, secure and is perfect for transporting supplies.

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