Gratnells Maker family products a hit at Knights Templar School

Gratnells Maker family products a hit at Knights Templar School

The Knights Templar School in Baldock opened its doors in September 1939 with 182 local and evacuee children on the roll. Today it is a modern, government-funded academy serving 1300 students. It is consistently rated amongst the top 10 schools in the UK and the core curriculum and after-school clubs provide a strong focus on STEAM subject areas.

Earlier this year, Knights Templar took delivery of a range of trolleys, complete with storage trays, from Gratnells - the leading UK manufacturer of school storage equipment. Part of the Gratnells Maker family of products, the trolleys are designed to respond to the growing trend for collaborative ways of working across the whole of the STEAM spectrum. The school acquired a selection of trolleys, including a double column and a treble column Callero Plus, a Rover, a MakerHub and a MakerSpace.

Textiles classes make use of both the MakerSpace and MakerHub trolleys. The MakerHub serves as a collaboration space where students can exchange ideas and discuss solutions. When the interchangeable whiteboards of the MakerHub are not needed, the trolley doubles up as a hanging space for prototype garments. Tray storage in the base unit contains both tools and fabric samples. The treble column Callero Plus is put to good use in D&T, where the extra storage is used, along with labeled trays, to organise tools and other resources by year group. The double Callero Plus trolley can be found in Food Preparation and Nutrition classes and is used with translucent trays for easier identification of contents.

The MakerSpace trolley has proved to be a great addition to classes. It provides a mix of storage options with mini bins to store small parts, hooks for hanging objects and tray storage for larger items. Its sturdy work surface can cope with heavy items and the backboard has a handy cable tidy feature to avoid trailing wires.

Thanks to its maneuverability, the Rover trolley is used to transport resources across several departments but it is particularly valued in D & T, where resources can quickly be loaded up from a central storage area and delivered to individual workbenches with ease.

The Head of Technology at Knights Templar School, Mrs. Ellis, commented, “The new Gratnells trolleys have fitted right into our classes and have become invaluable to us. They have a small footprint but we can load so much into them and, being mobile, they can be wheeled to where they are needed most. They are all so versatile and we make great use of them here in the Technology department.”

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