Gratnells MakerSpace trolley used as mobile science lab and work station at Didcot Girls’ School

Gratnells MakerSpace trolley used as mobile science lab and work station at Didcot Girls’ School

“Very useful. The shared room is much tidier now everything is in its place.”

Sid Cox - Physics Technician


It’s a story many teachers and science technicians will identify with: A lack of space, classrooms being used for different subjects, time wasted tidying up between lessons, equipment going missing or being damaged or broken.

At Didcot Girls’ School, the Gratnells MakerSpace trolley is making a real difference in classroom organisation for the science technicians and teachers. Their trolley is mainly used to house equipment for physics lessons which are held in a computer room on the first floor. Prior to having the MakerSpace Trolley, following on from the physics lesson the technicians had to return to the room immediately to clear away equipment. This was often a time-consuming process with weights, clamps, batteries and other items left on tables and between computers. All this equipment was loaded on to trolleys and returned to the prep room on the ground floor only to be taken back again for the next physics lesson.

At the start of the new school year in 2018, the science department took delivery of their new Gratnells MakerSpace Trolley and Sid, the Physics Technician thinks it’s great. When asked what she most liked about the trolley, Sid responded, “There’s not a lot of space in the room so it’s been really useful as there’s plenty of storage in the trolley but it only takes up a small area and we can now store the equipment in the room instead of having to move it in and out.”

The MakerSpace Trolley at Didcot Girls’ School is used on a daily basis. Thanks to the robust 75mm castors, it is easily manoeuvred to the front of the classroom where teachers use the sturdy worktop to demonstrate practical experiments. When the students need to use materials from the trolley, it is pushed towards the back of the room where there is more space for the students to move around and select the equipment. The students can easily identify the things they need for each lesson from the combination side panels and back board where smaller items are hung from hooks or stored in mini bins. Larger items and heavier equipment are picked from the trays held on StopSafe runners or tilted trays under the worktop.

The students seem to have embraced the MakerSpace Trolley and have taken more ownership for a tidy learning environment. Sid commented, “The students really like the set up and so are very willing to put the equipment back properly at the end of lessons”. This also helps teachers and technicians to have a quick view of stocks and any missing or damaged items that may need replacing and the technicians now feel comfortable leaving glassware safely stored within the trolley.

The Gratnells MakerSpace Trolley recently won a coveted Worlddidac Award with the judging panel recognising it as being “a particularly praiseworthy educational solution which can be highly recommended for use in schools”. And Sid at Didcot Girls’ School obviously agrees, finishing off her feedback with, “Overall, it’s great. A very useful trolley.”

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