Gratnells provides customised packaging for Robolink CoDrone STEM education kit

Robolink has chosen Gratnells to produce the latest specialty packaging for their popular CoDrone kit. Established in 2012, Robolink’s founders wanted to create a business to make STEM education accessible, engaging and fun for children and hobbyists. The company aims to encourage students to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths through working with robotics kits and by providing educational lessons that teach the core principles of engineering and programming. They operate in two learning centres in California in the United States and run after school programmes in 15 different primary and middle schools across San Diego County.

In 2018, after a recommendation, Robolink turned to Gratnells for help in a redesign of the CoDrone packaging. For over 40 years, Gratnells has been the worldwide leader in educational storage solutions and has shown a continued commitment to enhancing classrooms around the world, selling directly to more than 68 countries. The company produces modern STEAM activity and makerspace storage, designed for today’s curriculum. Their customisable systems include inserts used to safely protect and segment delicate equipment, small components, electronics, and art supplies. This is one reason increasing numbers of STEM kit developers are turning to Gratnells iconic trays and SmartCases to house their kit components. What’s more, each Gratnells SmartCase and tray has been specially designed to work with school furniture worldwide.

For the CoDrone kit, Robolink wanted to use the Gratnells SmartCase, a tough, lightweight and versatile storage case that is perfect for delicate parts storage. They sent a set of components to the Gratnells product development team along with a brief to say that the solution should work to house all pre-build components and the assembled drones, spares and controllers. The Gratnells team developed a bespoke solution of die cut foam inserts with removable sections that would be fully customisable to house all CoDrone components both pre and post build. To complete the package, the SmartCases are customised with the CoDrone logo.

After taking delivery of the new SmartCase kits, Wes Hsu, VP of UX & Design at Robolink presented them at a CUE event in San Diego. Later he commented, “The new CoDrone kits look great and people really like them. Customers love the way the parts are laid out and say they just can’t wait to start building”. On the design process Wes added “The Gratnells team were able to take feedback and reach a solution that made sense despite have a pretty tough set of parameters for the CoDrone case to meet.”

Anthony Byrne, Product Manager at Gratnells added, “We are very pleased with the way the solution turned out for Robolink. It was a tough brief with all the components but the SmartCase solution really adds value to STEM coding, robotics and programing kits and the customisation looks great.”

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