Gratnells SortED tray inserts previewed at ASE annual conference 2020.

SortED is a new range of inserts designed to be flexible and useable in shallow and deep Gratnells trays. Inserts can accommodate a variety of parts and spares for robotics, coding and STEAM activities and enable division of a Gratnells tray to between 2 and 8 sections.

SortED inserts are also useful in early years for easy deployment of resources throughout the classroom reducing set-up and take-down time. They are perfect for maths manipulatives, group work and collaborative learning.

Launching in the spring of 2020, the new SortED system was recently previewed at the ASE Conference in Reading where science teachers and technicians sang its praises. Inserts were also used by Dr. Katherine Forsey in one of her #WhatsInMyTray workshops.


In a Gratnells deep tray, small and medium inserts hold a myriad small parts. The large insert can be used to hold longer components in the top of the tray or small and medium size inserts in many combinations. The SortED large insert is easily lifted out of the tray thanks to the useful finger and thumb section. Gratnells SortED inserts are the ideal solution for STEAM kits of all types.

  • Divide Gratnells trays from 2 to 8 sections
  • Store large and small parts
  • Easily create two levels of storage in deep trays
  • Compatible with shallow and deep trays
  • Deploy parts and components easily in the classroom
  • Nestable components
  • Injection moulded for strength
  • Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene

SortED inserts will be available to buy direct from Gratnells from spring 2020.

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