Monitor and improve your learning environment with Gratnells Learnometer

Monitor and improve your learning environment with Gratnells Learnometer

According to recent communication from the UK government, all school and education settings will be provided with carbon dioxide monitors in the Autumn term.

Expected to be delivered from September, the initiative is backed by £25 million of government funding and aims to give educators the ability to quickly determine the quality of the air in their space and make alterations to their environment based on the readings shown.

The introduction of these CO2 monitors, and air purifiers in some schools, is a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic and will allow teachers and school staff to identify when ventilation needs to be improved to reduce CO2. This, in turn, will also allow present virus particles to be removed from the space and reduce the spread of germs in classrooms.

The Gratnells Learnometer is a compact, digital device ideal for tracking a range of factors in the learning space. As well as monitoring CO2 levels, the built-in sensors track a further 6 parameters that, when balanced correctly, can help to create the optimal environment for learning.

The Learnometer, and its unique online dashboard, allows teachers and school leaders to monitor and manage levels of CO2, fine dust (PM 2.5), chemicals (TVOCs), temperature, humidity, ambient light (lux), and ambient sound (dBA) in a space. The data held in the dashboard is presented on a series of graphs, each of which displays a recommended range for each parameter. 

The device itself displays a rolling list of the parameters and their readings offering a regular and constant view of them for students and teachers.

Developed in conjunction with Professor Stephen Heppell, the Learnometer research shows that increased CO2, among other factors, can have a detrimental effect on learning and student performance.

During a recent Gratnells Learning Rooms webinar, STEM ambassador and Gratnells Learning Rooms consultant, Dr. Katherine Forsey asked the question ‘Does your classroom help children learn?’. The webinar explored the 7 key factors tracked by the Learnometer and gave advice and ideas for how to manage them in the learning space. The webinar also introduced some classroom-based enquiries to engage your students, facilitate greater awareness and improve student agency in regards to their learning environment. The Learnometer can be used as part of learning in the classroom, and in particular, can be used to engage students in Science or STEM activities.

The webinar is available to watch online, and the event presentation slides can be downloaded for FREE via the Learning Rooms website:

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