Our Design Team

For more than a generation Gratnells has been leading the way in researching and reimagining more effective, sustainable, and inclusive, spaces and places, in which we learn, teach, work, and of course play.

Our design team is made up of innovators, creative designers and brilliant technical engineers. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lead any project to success, with full access to the best resources, state-of-the-art studio and factory facilities.

We can help imagine and create bespoke solutions for your space.

Bespoke Solutions

Competitive advantage

Cost saving resources

Matt Brown, our Head of Innovation, has 25 years of education industry experience, culminating in a passion for product design and development, as well as a desire to deliver the best customer care.

“From concept to installation, our in-house design team will collaborate with you to create the right solution for the ultimate competitive advantage. With the knowledge and technology to bring your ideas to life, partnering with our team can help secure cost and time savings and resource efficiency.”

Matt Brown, Head of Innovation, Gratnells

Featured Tech


Whether you require a single-column frame for a small area or a double or triple-column frame for increased storage capacity, Gratnells frames offer the ideal solution for keeping your materials neatly stored and easily accessible.

Featured Tech


Create inspiring spaces where students can collaborate easily and effectively. Developed with design experts and school communities our furniture is designed to enhance your learning environment and provide optimal functionality.

Featured Tech


The world’s no. 1 school tray, found in classrooms worldwide. Strong, tough and made to last our iconic trays come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit all types of classroom furniture. They are perfect for storing and organising essential classroom materials.

Featured Tech

Tray inserts

Choose from our comprehensive range of tray inserts for storing smaller items such as pens or crayons. We also supply foam inserts which are ideal for storing calculators and fragile science equipment. Our new modular SortED range of inserts promotes student independence. It all adds up to a storage system that’s as comprehensive as you’ll ever need.