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Gratnells Learning Rooms Collection

Create a space for learners to flourish

Products ideal for primary school environments
Storage trolleys with added safety features
Write-on surfaces for independent learning
Lightweight products easy to move around your space
Promote collaborative learning or independent learning
Create zones within your classroom
Two rows of Learning Rooms furniture with green jumbo trays.

Different pupils need different spaces. One size no longer fits all. Delivering the curriculum today is about meeting every child’s needs. Let us help you to create the perfect spaces for learners to flourish with our specially selected range of school furniture, designed to enhance your teaching space.

We have a range of furniture which has been developed in collaboration with teachers and schools we have worked with.

“one minute pupils are collaborating around the table. the next minute it’s a display”

Our unique flip table is perfect for group working and allows pupils to make notes on the writable surface in a creative way, which can then be flipped into a vertical display to share with other learners.

write-on surfaces

Products with writable surfaces boost confidence in younger learners and can also spark creativity within different phases of the lesson.

“Quickly define a space. Create quieter and more focused areas”

A single space in class no longer fits all pupils’ needs. This mobile T-shaped screen is highly flexible to meet a wide variety of different teaching and learning needs. The end panel has been designed with a writable surface for learners to use. Create a mini learning hub to boost group collaboration.

Easily create zones