Gratnells Learning Rooms Collection

GLR Grassy Tiered Seating 12 Jumbo Grass Green Trays

Versatile seating redefined. Supports independence, collaboration and differentiation. Holds 12 jumbo trays and splits into 2 benches. Wooden unit with a touch of the great outdoors

An incredibly versatile seating arrangement which supports learners with independence, collaboration, and differentiation. It holds 12 Gratnells jumbo trays for storage and can easily be separated into 2 benches. The wooden unit, topped with easy-to-clean artificial grass increases sensory input and brings a sense of the outdoors in. Supplied fully assembled, 5-year guarantee. With increased need for differentiation, it no longer makes sense to have all pupils on the same furniture and at the same level. With tiered seating pupils can sit at different heights to work collaboratively or independently according to the task. The artificial grass on the top offers students a more sensory surface to sit on which can also be cleaned easily to maintain hygiene levels in the learning environment.

Case Study

Trumpington Park Primary School

We recently supported staff at Trumpington Park Primary School to redesign their current year 4 classroom.

Case Study

Wesley Primary School

How one New Zealand school put community, ethos and culture at the heart of their school design.