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Callero Makerspace

Robust, colourful & sustainable

Strong steel frames
Curved ergonomic handles
Ideal for student led learning
StopSafe runners for added safety
Large castors with brakes for ease of postioning
Easy to access contents
Callero Makerspace trolley with shallow trays.

Collaborative storage just where you need it

Optimise your creative space with versatile and easily accessible storage, promoting hands-on learning and collaborative projects.

Supports Independent learning

Children enjoy carrying out hands-on, practical tasks. Whether this be STEAM, art or another type of creative activity, children need to have adequate space and access to resources to allow them to successfully complete projects. Low level units with workstations offer a dedicated space to work while having plenty of storage space close by.

Do you want to set up a designated makerspace area in your school?

We’ve got the ideal solution with our maker and STEAM trolleys for hands-on practical activities and storage.