Callero Maker

Hub Trolley 4 Deep Trays

The MakerHub promotes collaboration in STEAM activities. It includes whiteboards and deep trays for easy access. Ideal for group work and student presentations. Creates a flexible teacher hub in the classroom.

Part of the Callero range, the MakerHub is a manoeuvrable double-sided resource hub which allows any learning space to be used dynamically for the benefit of teachers and learners. It holds two easily interchangeable whiteboards- simply lift them up and pull them down to remove. The standard size whiteboards are mounted above StopSafe runners which hold a variety of Gratnells storage trays for ease of access to bespoke resources. With StopSafe runners the trays can be pulled right out so that teachers and learners can see the contents and make their selections but have to be lifted in order to remove it. Change between magnetic whiteboards, chalkboards and pin boards to suit the learning activity and age group. For added security, all standard boards are held safely in place between steel guides at the top of the frame and special stoppers on the recessed shelf. The MakerHub is a collaboration space that allows more flexibility than traditional classroom board displays. Traditional classroom furniture keeps pupils in the same place with resources stored elsewhere. The MakerHub can move anywhere and makes collaboration easier. It gives students the space and resources to present and share learning ideas with their peers and can be used in small groups, independently or with adult support.

Case Study

Transforming a learning space

We recently supported staff at Trumpington Park Primary School to redesign their current year 4 classroom.

Case Study

Teacher-led transformation

How one New Zealand school put community, ethos and culture at the heart of their school design.