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Accessing our information and digital assets is now easier than ever and will make populating your websites, catalogues and beyond a breeze. Simply select a range of products and download the information you require in spreadsheets and zipped content folders.

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Effortless data access

Forget about sifting through outdated materials; we’ve collated all the technical details you need in one place, ensuring that you’re equipped with the most accurate and up-to-date product information, from dimensions to delivery specifics.

  • Updated technical information including dimensions and weight for every product
  • Delivery information only available on Catsy including packaging dimensions, delivery method and package type

Elevate your marketing

Want to update your website and catalogue listings? Download, adapt, and seamlessly integrate our marketing content into your own, all while maintaining consistency.

  • Long & short product copy to suit your needs and the space you have available
  • Product features and educational benefits bullet points for key information at a glance

Eye-catching imagery

Our products are bright, colourful and stand out within the learning environment and now they can shine in your collateral too!

  • Updated studio style images to create a seamless look in your content
  • Lifestyle images to give a real-life look at our products in the spaces they’re most likely to be
  • Simply download as many images as you need and update your collateral with ease

Additional digital assets

We haven’t stopped at images… To elevate your listings, take advantage of our wider digital content to create a complete suite of content when showcasing Gratnells products

  • Free, downloadable SketchUp files – simply drop our products into your learning spaces designs to see how it fits
  • Wide range of documents including brochures and look books, conformity and awards
  • Download product assembly instructions from each product page to share with customers directly or add to your website

Effortless product comparison

Want to know the difference between different products? Catsy’s in built ‘compare’ function lets you swiftly compare similarities and differences at a glance.

  • Choose up to four products for a side-by-side comparison and review which ones best suit you and your audience
  • Quickly review the assets available for each product and easily view or download them from the compare page

To start using Catsy, simply fill out the form to register your interest and a member of the Gratnells team will be in touch.



Whether you require a single-column frame for a small area or a double or triple-column frame for increased storage capacity, Gratnells frames offer the ideal solution for keeping your materials neatly stored and easily accessible.



Create inspiring spaces where students can collaborate easily and effectively. Developed with design experts and school communities our furniture is designed to enhance your learning environment and provide optimal functionality.



The world’s no. 1 school tray, found in classrooms worldwide. Strong, tough and made to last our iconic trays come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit all types of classroom furniture. They are perfect for storing and organising essential classroom materials.


Tray inserts

Choose from our comprehensive range of tray inserts for storing smaller items such as pens or crayons. We also supply foam inserts which are ideal for storing calculators and fragile science equipment. Our new modular SortED range of inserts promotes student independence. It all adds up to a storage system that’s as comprehensive as you’ll ever need.