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Space matters. Let’s design learning better.

We can do it together.

For more than a generation Gratnells has been leading the way in researching and reimagining more effective, sustainable, and inclusive, spaces and places, in which we learn, teach, work, and of course play.

Built around our best-selling school tray, we throw in a heap of practicality, a splash of colour, fun, and innovation to make a real difference to daily life for literally millions of pupils, teachers, and not forgetting technicians, who have known the name ‘Gratnells’ for more than half a century.

With decades of experience Gratnells has earned its position as the preferred supplier to the world’s leading furniture makers, dealers, schools, businesses, and institutions. We also offer the industry’s fastest lead times, meaning we can provide you with the right storage and organising solutions as soon as possible.

As a family business starting from cosy corners in every UK school, our storage solutions have evolved into a global footprint spanning over 68 countries and counting. At the centre of a school’s ecosystem, our trays and runners fit seamlessly into new or existing educational furniture, and we are also the main provider of storage trays to the wooden furniture industry.

Central to Gratnells purpose is the determined spirit of our MD, Murray Hudson. Murray’s commitment to enhancing learning spaces is reflected in his book, Planning Learning Spaces, a practical guide for Architects, Designers, and School Leaders. His passion catalysed the inception of The Cambridge Centre for Learning Spaces Innovation, a space for the exchange and discussion of new ideas to advance excellence, innovation and wellbeing in school design and the home of the Planning Learning Spaces in Practice team.

It is this team of like-minded educational visionaries that bring together Gratnells trade partners, educators, and forward-thinking school architects to pool their collective expertise and support a framework tailored to encourage and inspire the design of more intelligent learning spaces that have quantifiable results in improving learning and educational outcomes.

Gratnells commitment to sustainability is of equal importance and includes an Environmental Policy that is committed to a target of zero to landfill and carbon neutrality by 2030 and we are the only educational furniture manufacturer within the plastics industry to commit to Operation Clean Sweep®, an international initiative to reduce plastic pellet loss into the environment.

So, we’re confident we can provide the solution for your every need or space. And if you’re looking for something even more bespoke, then our friendly and highly knowledgeable team will be delighted to assist and help you build exactly what you need.

The possibilities are endless.

Case Study

Trumpington Park Primary School

We recently supported staff at Trumpington Park Primary School to redesign their current year 4 classroom.

Case Study

Wesley Primary School

How one New Zealand school put community, ethos and culture at the heart of their school design.