Tray Accessories

Standard Deep 50mm Foam Insert 4 Digital Balances 145 x 41mm

Our foam inserts are perfect for storing delicate equipment such as glassware, or for carrying objects such as calculators and stopwatches around a learning space safely


£1,188.00Inc. VAT

Foam inserts are a useful organisational accessory particularly for storing delicate equipment such as glassware. They are cut to fit a shallow F1 tray or deep F2 tray and can be used to store a range of objects securely such as calculators, stopwatches, safety goggles, reagent bottles, test tubes and boiling tubes. There is also the option for a customisable foam inset for those irregular-shaped, delicate objects. The foam inserts are ideal for when these objects need to be carried around a learning space without getting broken or to immediately visually identify when one is missing.

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