Art Tray

The Art tray provides flexible storage for artwork, crafts, and jigsaws. Made from recyclable polypropylene, it’s BSI approved for school use. Easy to move and access, it maximises storage. Available in various colours


Tray colours

The trays come in an exciting range of 40 visually stimulating colours.

We even have trays to match the national curriculum colours, so there’s a tray to complement every classroom. Whether it is chemicals, worksheets, stationery, or robotics kits that need housing, a Gratnells tray is the solution.

Sunshine Yellow (02)

Royal Blue (06)

Flame Red (09)

Grass Green (10)

Sorry, this product does not contain any available colours of this type.

Sorry, this product does not contain any available colours of this type.

The Art tray gives extra flexibility when storing items with a larger area like artwork, art materials, crafts and jigsaws. Made from fully recyclable polypropylene, it is moulded to have the largest area of our tray range meaning it can even be used to paint on A3 paper inside the tray making sure surfaces stay clean and tidy. It has the smallest height out of all of the tray range, meaning more trays can be stored vertically which is ideal when artwork needs to be stored separately. The strong rigid tray, which is loved by teachers and technicians is BSI approved for heavy educational use. The talc filled polypropylene makes our tray chemically resistant to more chemicals than other similar storage trays on the market made from ABS. This feature, in addition to being semi fire-retardant at 0.22mm per minute, makes the Gratnells tray perfect carrying out science activities safely and has made it a staple item in many laboratories and prep rooms over the past 50 years. It even has the added benefit of an anti-static additive in the polypropylene to reduce the attraction of dust. The ease with which the tray can be moved around a learning space and swapped in or out of storage units cannot be understated. It was designed to help provide a flexible, high-density storage solution on a small footprint, allowing more space to be kept available for learning activities. The tray comes in a range of colours for visually stimulating, colour-coded storage and is easily accessible to learners. Whether it is paints, artwork or even jigsaws that need housing, a Gratnells tray is the solution.

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